Building Branches for Your Landscaping Company

by Danielle Riha in August 22nd, 2023

Many landscaping companies start small, find success, and grow locally to a point of market saturation where growth begins to stall. Some are content to operate at that level, while others want to keep expanding. If you fall into the latter category, building branches is a path you may want to consider taking.

It's not without its challenges and pitfalls, though, which is what this upcoming virtual masterclass will help you sort out: if the branch model is the right model for your business and, if so, how to successfully plan and launch it.

On Wednesday, November 1st, join landscaping industry pro Jeffrey Scott and three guest speakers for a five-hour virtual session to get:

  1. More efficient operations by setting up better organizational structures at the branch level with the most efficient overhead
  2. Fewer costly mistakes by learning the pitfalls to avoid from people who have already made them
  3. Better employee management by developing your branch managers with more assurance and proven tools
  4. More accountable profits and personnel with metrics to keep your branch on track
  5. Faster growth with insight on acquisition strategies to expand your branches and your business
  6. Motivated, loyal staff with an expansion plan that will give your best employees a once-in-a-lifetime career path

In addition to Jeffrey's wealth of knowledge and expertise, you'll also hear from:

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