New Feature Release: QR Codes for Job Hiring Advertisements

by Danielle Riha in April 5th, 2022

Everyone these days is trying to increase their applicant flow and get more candidates in the door. To do that, you have to be everywhere—not just on the job boards.

And yet, many employers overlook the value of offline advertising. Good, old fashioned signage can make a huge difference, especially when recruiting blue-collar laborers and passive job-seekers who might be willing to switch jobs, but aren't actively looking.

While offline advertising can be effective at reaching a different job audience than online advertising, there is one small problem: getting the candidate to the application. With an online ad, users can be linked directly to the digital application. But with an offline ad, you've got to get them there manually.

That's why Team Engine provides you with a customized text-to-apply number for each job posting, and now we've expanded that capability to include QR codes on your offline job advertisements!

Get More Applicants with QR Codes

Here's how Team Engine users can generate QR codes for individual jobs, as well as for their entire list of open jobs.

Generating a QR Code for Individual Jobs

Under the "Get More Applicants" dialog, users can generate a QR code that will link back to that job application. The codes can be downloaded as either and svg or png.

If a user does not download their QR code or loses their download, they can return and regenerate. Regenerating will not invalidate other generated and downloaded QR codes for the same job.

Generating a QR Code for All Open Jobs

The "Get More Applicants For All Jobs" button in Team Engine provides options for a text-to-apply number and for QR code generation; both will link applicants back to the organization's Team Engine careers page instead of a specific job application like in the above video.

Get Even More Applicants Using Team Engine

Looking for more ways to think outside the box when it comes to sourcing applicants? Check out our free downloadable guide with the five channels of job promotion that Team Engine recommends to all clients.

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