What Happened to Facebook Jobs?

by Danielle Look in , March 7th, 2022
What Happened to Facebook Jobs?

If you use Facebook Jobs for applicant sourcing, you may have recently noticed that things aren’t exactly the same as they always have been. That’s because Facebook quietly made subtle and nuanced changes to their job board in February of 2022. 

Here’s what you need to know:

As a US or Canadian-based employer looking to find employees, you can continue to create free job postings from your company’s Facebook page via the Facebook app and Facebook desktop website. You can also still boost your job posts as ads and manage job postings via the app and website.

The main changes you need to be aware of are:

  • The ability to distribute jobs on Facebook via a partner integration with the Facebook Jobs API will no longer be available. This means hiring software platforms (including Team Engine) can no longer “push out” jobs to Facebook on your behalf. Instead, you must manually publish them directly to the site. (Team Engine users can then manually add applicants into their dashboard.)
  • Facebook Jobs will no longer be available on the Facebook Lite app or Facebook mobile website for both employers and job-seekers.
  • There is no destination or "marketplace" to browse and search for jobs. Job-seekers must now look up individual company pages to find jobs they have posted.
  • The Facebook Jobs browser is no longer available.
  • Facebook Jobs has shut down outside of the United States and Canada.
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To post jobs on Facebook, from your business page, navigate to the Ad Center, then click "Manage Jobs."

where to post jobs on facebook 2023

Keep reading for additional frequently asked questions about posting jobs on Facebook.

What is Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is a feature on the social media platform that allows users to post jobs and search for job openings. It was designed to make it easier for people to find work and for businesses to find employees.

Who can use Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is open to anyone who wants to post a job or find a job. There are no restrictions on who can use Facebook Jobs.

How to post a job on Facebook Jobs

To post a job on Facebook Jobs, navigate to the "Manage Jobs" tab on the left-hand side of your company’s facebook page. You will need to be logged into your personal account with admin access to your company Facebook page. From there, click on "+ Create job." You will be asked to provide some basic information about the job, such as the title, location, and salary range. You can also add a photo or video, and write a brief description of the job.

Once you have created your job listing, you can share it with your friends and followers on Facebook or post it on other websites and job boards. Job seekers can search for jobs based on location, keyword, or company. They can also filter the results by date, type of job, and salary range.

How to manage jobs on Facebook Jobs

Once you have created a job listing, you can manage it by clicking on the "Manage Jobs" tab on the left-hand side of your company’s facebook page. From there, you can edit the job listing, boost it, share it with friends and followers, or delete it.

How much does it cost to use Facebook Jobs?

It is free to use Facebook Jobs. There are no fees to post or search for jobs.

What type of jobs are best for Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is best suited for jobs that are based in your local area and that don't require a lot of experience or qualifications. It is also a good option for businesses that want to promote their job openings on social media.

Can you advertise on Facebook Jobs for higher visibility?

Yes, businesses can advertise their job openings on Facebook Jobs to gain more exposure. There are a variety of advertising options available, and the cost varies depending on the type of ad you choose. Generally speaking, advertising jobs on Facebook is affordable since you get to set your budget.

Does Facebook Jobs have an app?

No. As of February 22, 2022 Facebook Jobs is no longer available on the Facebook Lite app or Facebook mobile website (m.facebook.com/jobs) for both employers and seekers. Read more about this change here.

Can you clone jobs on Facebook Jobs?

Yes, you can clone jobs on Facebook Jobs by clicking on the "Jobs" tab on the left-hand side of your company’s Facebook page. Locate the job you want to clone, then click the “Manage” drop-down menu and select “View Job.” When the job displays, select “Duplicate This Job” in the panel of options on the right.

When do jobs on Facebook Jobs expire?

Job posts automatically expire after 30 days. After 30 days, Page visitors won't be able to see the job post on your Page. However, Page admins and editors will still be able to see the job post and renew it.

What is the Facebook Jobs policy for posting jobs?

To ensure that job listings on Facebook are useful and relevant for people looking for work, job listings must: 

  • Be accurate and verifiable
  • Contain clear and concise information about the job, such as location, salary, and qualifications 
  • Not include any discriminatory statements 

If you violate these guidelines, your job listing may be removed from Facebook Jobs. For more information, be sure to review the complete Terms of Service for Facebook Pages.

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