The Great Resignation

How to Reconnect With Your Employees

(Before It's Too Late)


[Webinar] The Great Resignation with Brad Betson

How to Reconnect with Your Employees (Before It's Too Late)

Pinnacle Business Guide Brad Betson leads a 30-minute fireside chat covering:

  • "The Great Resignation," and why it's occurring
  • the opportunity The Great Resignation has created to reconnect with employees
  • how to implement changes NOW to retain your most valuable employees

This live webinar has passed, but you can still watch the presentation on-demand.

Original air date: Thursday October 21st 10am PT / 1pm ET

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The pandemic has changed everything: where we work, how we work, and what we really want in exchange for that work.

Monumental life events always result in a re-evaluation of priorities. Marriage. Death of a loved one. Global pandemic. What's unique about this moment in time is that people of all ages and all levels of expertise are currently amidst a collective reset.

The mental and emotional trauma of the past year and a half has led to an assessment of all aspects of life for nearly every person on Earth. And while the results of that re-evaluation will look different for everyone, job satisfaction will certainly play a huge role in what they choose to do next.

So, do you have a sense of how happy (or unhappy) your employees are? Do they feel heard, respected, and acknowledged, or are they just another cog in the wheel? Do they want higher wages, or are they seeking new job perks like scheduling flexibility and educational opportunities? How do you even begin to find the answers to these questions?

We'll explore these questions and more in this 30-minute webinar with Pinnacle Business Guide Brad Betson, who will help you understand:

  • what "The Great Resignation" is, and why it's occurring
  • how you can turn this phenomenon into an opportunity to reconnect with your employees
  • how to implement changes NOW to retain your A-players, and recruit more in the future

Meet Your Coach

Brad Betson of Pinnacle Business Guides


Brad boasts 20+ years of guiding and coaching leadership teams, managers, and employees to simplify processes and create lasting results. He's conducted over 500 training sessions nationally and across the globe.

"I’ve walked in your shoes as the owner of three businesses and learned countless lessons along the way that have been shared with my teams and clients. I’m passionate about making others better, and helping you reach new heights that you didn’t think were possible."

For more information contact Brad via email (, phone (651-336-2626), or web.

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