Feature Launch: Reporting and Analytics on Your Hiring Process

by Ed Hallen in November 12th, 2018
Reporting and analytics

We’re excited to be launching a series of new reporting and analytics on your hiring process that will make it easier to see how you’re doing compared to other companies and figure out where to focus to get more hires. The goal of these tools is to make hiring more predictable but also to make it easier to manage.

Simpler organization for controlling each job

The most visible change you’ll see immediately are the new tabs on the left of each job highlighting all the actions you can take for that job.

admin panel

With the exception of the new Performance tab, most of the information you’ll find is the same, but you’ll start to see more ability to control various aspects of a particular job.

Reporting and Analytics on Your Hiring Process

Too often, hiring feels like a black box. You know how many people you need, but it’s hard to know where things are going wrong or where you can lean in to improve things. We’ve added a series of reports that help you compare how you’re doing at each stage in the hiring process compared to other companies, see why applicants are falling out of the hiring process, and predict how many applicants it takes to get one hire.

Compare your Hiring Process to Other Companies

candidate hiring funnel

The comparison report in Team Engine show you what percentage of applicants move on to the next stage side by side with that same percentage across all of our customers. This lets you quickly see where you can do better. For example, if you’re experiencing a lower percentage of people who show up for interviews, you can test different interview reminders, different days and times and more.

Understand Why You Lose Applicants

Candidate dropout stats

At each stage, you can click on the bar to see a report on the reasons you’ve reported for why people were archived or rejected from that stage.

Predict Your Recruiting Funnel

Candidate bechmarks

The funnel report helps you understand how many applicants it typically takes for you to get each hire. This is the same underlying information from the report with percentages above, but it creates a cumulative number so you see how many interviews and hires you end up with for a given number of candidates. These numbers will start out inaccurate but over time should provide a clear understanding of your process (and therefore allow you to set expectations, think through how many applicants you might need, and more).

Improved Notifications including an Executive Summary

We’ve also launched a new executive summary report that goes out once a week so that everyone who’s interested in how a job is doing can see the information from that week.

Candidate weekly executive summary

Finally, you can also now individually control the email notifications you receive from Expedition. More detail on all notification is in Team Engine help docs.

Improving Your Hiring Process

At the end of the day, reports are only useful if you can use them to take action to get better results. We’re focused on ways to turn these insights into actions to improve your hiring, we'd love to talk more. Set up a meeting with us to see if we can help you improve your hiring process.  

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