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Texting for Distributed Teams

Ambler Industries ditched the bulletin boards and phone tag to keep every employee connected and informed with centralized, texting-based HR communication.

Ambler Challenges

The Challenge

Coordinating a full-service landscaping company with multiple deskless teams has always been challenging, and as Ambler Industries' office manager, Liz Foreback handled every detail. She often found herself buried in paperwork or using her personal phone on off hours to keep the business running smoothly, and was considering extending her office hours just to be available to answer questions. Reconciling payroll, tracking referrals, coordinating callouts, and scheduling jobs happened, but often manually and inefficiently.

Liz needed to find a way to spend more of her time on work that would grow the company. She needed a simple way to keep field teams informed of company announcements like weather delays and open enrollment and also an easier way to let them communicate with her even when their hours didn't line up.

The Solution

With Team Engine, Ambler Industries has completely optimized and streamlined their entire employee messaging process. From hiring to onboarding and daily operations, Liz is now able to coordinate every field team directly from her computer. Announcements for weather delays and surveys for uniform orders are a breeze, and employees can text in HR questions or callouts directly from their phones at any time, knowing Liz sees the message the minute she logs in. This streamlined operations so much that Liz was able to move to a weekly payroll system, a benefit much-loved by the workforce.


Our new HR hotline through Team Engine has been fantastic. I can answer questions and get information out quickly and easily. Everyone feels more connected as they are out on jobs.

Liz Doelp, Office Manager at Ambler Industries

Liz Foreback

Office Manager, Ambler Industries

employee text messaging

The HR Inbox Is Always Open

Employees count on Liz a lot—from payroll to scheduling. She is their go-to resource, and now they can connect with her without ever having to walk in the door and without calling her personal cellphone. A simple reply to their welcome text opens a direct, confidential line inside Team Engine so employees can voice any questions or concerns—from benefits to supply shortages—whether Liz is in the office or not. Responses are organized by employee so Liz can easily keep a conversation going for follow-ups or check-ins.

employee text messaging

Announcements & Surveys: Simplified

What used to take days, printouts by the time clock, endless phone tag, and repetitive staff meetings now takes seconds. Liz can send out a text message announcement or survey to the entire workforce, specific teams, or individual employees for everything from communicating a weather delay to putting in a new uniform order—all while keeping their responses private and confidential.

employee text messaging

Payroll Reconciliation in a Snap

Running payroll every week used to be an exercise—both mentally and physically—for Liz as she chased down employees and supervisors at the time clock, on the phone, and around the office. Today, she is able to reconcile hours with a quick text and run payroll more efficiently than ever, delivering every paycheck without delay.


No more mixed messages

Often if supplies were running low on a job site, field employees would tell who they could and hope the message made it up the chain of command. This game of telephone resulted in lost messages and unnecessary delays. Now, with Team Engine, everyone across the deskless workforce can text the office number immediately when supplies are running low so Liz can track down replacements and keep the team updated in a timely manner.


We have really been able to step up our customer service by quickly getting customer requests to front-line workers who can execute immediately.

Liz Doelp

Liz Foreback

Office Manager, Ambler Industries



New employees are welcomed right away with automated text messages directing them to the HR inbox number.


No more 4am calls to a personal phone or off-hour detours to the office. Employees text the HR inbox whenever they have time.


Timecard errors and missing hours are corrected quickly and confidentially thanks to texting confirmations.


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