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Connected and Streamlined Workforce Communication

Santa Maria Area Transit keeps every employee informed with critical updates no matter where they are through real-time text messaging.


The Challenge

Even before COVID-19 turned the world upside down, Ken Smithson, General Manager of Santa Maria Area Transit, struggled to ensure every driver was up to date with the latest information, often giving the same speech multiple times a day to different groups and answering the same questions over and over. There was no way to field individual concerns such as paycheck questions or equipment requests with workers on the road all day. 

With stay at home regulations and information shifting constantly, it was more important than ever to keep staff updated. There was simply no way to communicate new processes, announcements, safety information, or HR concerns to the entire SMAT workforce when it mattered most.

The Solution

With the help of Team Engine's employee messaging platform, SMAT eliminated the need for in-person staff meetings by sending daily communications directly to staff phones. Ken was able to keep everyone up to date on scheduling changes, safety best practices, motivational stories, and even resources for financial support.


Team Engine has been a godsend during COVID-19. I can keep my entire workforce updated instantly from my computer directly to their phones.

Ken Smithson

General Manager, Santa Maria Area Transit

employee text messaging

Announcements in an Instant

Sharing a single announcement with every shift and team now happens at the click of a button. Staff meetings, flyers, and phone tag are eliminated, and every driver receives the latest updates in an instant—directly to their phones via text messaging.

employee text messaging

Personal Communication at Scale

Employees love replying to an announcement knowing it goes straight to Ken and doesn't clog up everyone's phone like group text messaging. Responses are organized by employee so Ken can respond directly to any questions or concerns confidentially.

Whether it's about benefits, coordinating shifts, or following up on any payroll issues, employees can call or text a dedicated local number whether Ken is at the dispatch center or not.

employee text messaging

Compliance and Liability—In Check

No more wondering who heard what announcement or regulation and when. Group announcements make it easy to keep employees productive, happy, and healthy. And Ken has peace of mind knowing there is a complete log of every conversation for compliance and liability.


No more bulletin boards - No more phone tag.

With so much to do, and circumstances changing often multiple times a day, Ken is able to ensure his entire workforce is up-to-speed at a moment's notice using the tools they already have in their pockets. As Ken puts it, "With my teams out in the community every day, it's critical that they feel their feedback is heard, we can adjust quickly, and get new policies out to everyone at once. This ensures everyone can focus on providing great service to our customers."


Instant, Remote Communication

Drivers get important updates instantly to their phones, eliminating the need for in-person staff meetings and flyers.

Personalized Engagement

A distributed workforce gets the same message but with a personal touch and one-to-one replies.

Private and Secure

No need to share a personal number or install yet another app. Send and answer texts right from the computer.


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