Azuga, a Bridgestone Company

Improve safety and efficiency


About Azuga, a Bridgestone Company

Azuga offers the industries most trusted safety telematics solutions that increase efficiency and safety.


How Azuga can help you


Reduce Liability

AI Safetycam solutions improve driver behavior and mitigate nuclear insurance claims

Increase Efficiency

Gamification & rewards improves driver behavior, and real-time tracking optimizes dispatching decisions

Improve Maintenance

Proactive maintenance management solutions ensure your fleet minimizes unplanned downtime


How Azuga works with Team Engine

Azuga and Team Engine

Azuga and Team Engine work hand in hand to help blue-collar businesses grow and sustain profitability. We share the goal of providing the tools needed to increase efficiency and keep your employees safe.


What Azuga's clients say

Azuga has helped Triton Ait both lower our operational costs and improve our safety record.

Triton Air
Sally Henry

Azuga is working great for us. The rewards program is a real hit. It has create some great competition!

Reliable Fire & Security
Dan Hurley

We service a large area with many technicians & vehicles. Finding the closest employee to a customer in a pinch has always been difficult, and maintaining up-to-date vehicle information has not been possible in the past. Azuga allows me to organize my technicians, vehicles, and jobs much faster than ever before and gives peace of mind it's going smooth.

Connors Plumbing & Heating
Jessica Corchran

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Check out Azuga’s website to learn more about their service.

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