What We’ve Learned This Week: Recognize, Engage, Follow OSHA Guidelines, and Fill The Gap

by Dara Dolinsky in June 19th, 2020

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Frontline workers are still out there working tirelessly every day to keep our economy running, and we’re trying to figure out how to keep them safe and afloat. Keeping employees engaged is important now more than ever, so we took this week to load up on information to help those on the frontline. This week we looked at articles that show us the importance of recognition, employee engagement, OSHA guidelines, and addressing the digital skills gap. 

Recognition is Essential, Now More Than Ever

Lori McKnight, VP Recognition at CSI Stars, discusses the importance of employee recognition during a crisis. Managers know that individual recognition is important, but sometimes recognition isn’t always given where it’s due. Lori shares some great ideas on how to make sure your company is recognizing its employees. Read about Lori's steps towards recognizing her employees here

The Key to Blue-Collar Retention: Engage Employees at Critical Points

Employee retention is an issue we come across often in the blue-collar sector. Many studies like to blame the retention issue on millennial attitudes, and some industries will say that high turnover is just expected in hourly wage positions, but HR Dive looks into the real reason: lack of employee engagement. Read more on how to lower your employee turnover and engage with your employees.

OSHA Faulted for Not Doing More to Protect Workers from COVID-19

As frontline workers are battling through the pandemic, they are still showing up to work every day. Politicians continue to debate on what OSHA should be setting in place to protect workers, and if they should do more than just set guidelines. Civil Eats looks into what OSHA is currently doing, and what they have done before to set standards. Read more on what is happening at OSHA here

From HR to People: Addressing New Technologies and the Digital Skills Gap in the Workplace

Experts believe that in 10 years human resources will look completely different than it does today. Training Mag looks at what is changing in HR, the digital skills gap within human resources, and how to close the gap. Learn more about the skills gap and if you can fix it here.

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