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Hire the Best and Keep them Safe

A&A Safety recruits—and retains—a highly-qualified and highly-motivated workforce that keeps our roads and each other safe.

A&A Safety Challenges

The Challenge

Tom McLaughlin, Human Resources Manager at A&A Safety for more than 13 years, felt okay with his hiring and onboarding processes despite the countless hours spent sorting through unqualified applications, trying to get applicants on the phone, and then finally asking them knock-out questions. He was spending too much time hopping back and forth between multiple software systems that all did just a piece of what had to be done every day, but wasn't that just the way things were done?

The Solution

With Team Engine, Tom was able to automate dozens of steps in the hiring process—from screening applicants for CDL and hazmat licensing to salary expectations and commute times—saving him hours a day while also filling essential jobs more quickly. 

A&A Safety is considered an essential business, and Tom immediately put Team Engine's text-based messaging platform to use to keep the entire 300+ person workforce informed of new COVID-19 safety protocols across multiple cities and states, without requiring employees to login to an app they might have only ever seen during onboarding.


Team Engine not only helps us fill our most valuable roles with highly-qualified people, they give us the tools we use every day to keep our teams engaged, informed, and safe.

Tom McLaughlin - A&A Safety

Tom McLaughlin

Human Resources Manager, A&A Safety

text message announcement

Text Message Safety Checks

To ensure each and every employee complies with mandatory safety checks prior to reporting to work, Tom sends out an announcement via text message with a link to a self-assessment every morning. Employees simply click the link and check their symptoms. If they don't meet the safety standards, they reply to the text message announcement to create a one-to-one conversation directly with Tom. 

With changing policies across multiple locations throughout the state, Tom is confident that every group gets the right message, right when they need it. 

text message safety survey

Safety Surveys Uncover Valuable Insight from the Frontlines

After sending out a one-question text messaging survey—"What is one thing we can do to make your job safer?"—Tom and the leadership team at A&A Safety were amazed at the number of suggestions they received to improve working conditions. Replies ranged from suggestions for improving recognition (helmet stickers) and incorporating wellness fitness routines to critical brake and light repairs needed on company vehicles. 

Tom can easily follow up with survey replies, opening up a one-to-one text message conversations to gather more details and confirm next steps.

Automated Hiring Assisstant

Hiring Measured in Minutes, Not Days  

With three separate locations across Ohio all looking to hire 4-5 different roles, it was critical that Tom keep the hiring process organized and moving quickly. Thanks to Team Engine's location-based job postings and automated text message follow-ups, Tom and his team are able to move applicants through the interview process in minutes rather than the days it took before via email. 

"It's incredible! We were able to fill over ⅓ of our open positions within weeks of launching Team Engine. It would have taken months before we ever saw that kind of success in another platform."

I wasn’t sure how Team Engine would fit in with our current process, including an existing ATS and HRIS, but now I can’t imagine how we would operate without it.

Tom McLaughlin - A&A Safety

Tom McLaughlin

Human Resources Manager, A&A Safety



Targeted posts source more qualified applicants who are vetted and screened via text so Tom can focus on hiring the best fit. 


Announcements, safety surveys, onboarding and exit interviews, and one-to-one messaging all within a single command post.


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