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Genz-Ryan has been a family-owned and -operated company since they first opened their doors in 1950 and is an industry leader and recognized innovator in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and electrical services. Together with Inspiration Design Center, a kitchen and bath remodeling center, they total 200+ employees.

Thanks to Team Engine, they have been able to far more efficiently recruit and evolve in today's hiring market and focus more time and attention on training and development.


The Challenge

They’d get plenty of applications before with Paycor and sponsored ads on Indeed, but the headaches came with the extremely manual process that consumed the entire day and even many evenings. It was frustrating to spend hours sifting through applications only to reach out and get no response. Scheduled phone interviews had a 50/50 chance of happening, keeping people interested through the multi-week process was difficult, and, once they got someone hired, check-ins were tough to schedule while keeping up with the day-to-day. They had an incredible referral program, but it just never produced consistent results.

Not to mention, they were paying thousands of dollars a month for their existing HRIS software plus sponsored ads on Indeed.


The Solution

“We get double the applicants that we used to get, but that’s not why it’s so great. It’s the fact that since bringing on Team Engine, I’ve never had someone not answer the phone when I call at interview time. Our calendars are booked solid, and for recruiters, time is money. So to know that we are spending our time actually recruiting and hiring instead of just sitting at our desks waiting for a callback is huge.” 

The entire recruiting and hiring process has become so much more efficient and evolved that Katie and her team have been able to launch a new Opportunities in the Trades program. 

“It’s as simple as posting a job and then clicking Interested or Reject. If you take the time to build a job posting and customize the automations, Team Engine will honestly do all the rest for you.” 

We looked at several other software solutions, but after seeing a demo of Team Engine, it was clear that it was a perfect fit with our existing tech stack and wouldn’t disrupt our existing HR processes. Honestly, the choice was obvious.

Katie Conway - Genz Ryan

Katie Conway

Recruiting and Training Manager, Genz Ryan


Make Your Money (and Technology) Work Harder

Katie was very skeptical when she first heard about Team Engine from her colleague, Jasmine. Having done recruiting and HR for nearly 10 years, she had her processes down to a science and wasn’t convinced a software tool could really help all that much. It took 2 years to get their last software solution to a spot where they felt they were getting their money’s worth, and she just wasn’t interested in starting that process all over again. But once the pandemic hit, everyone in the office was charged to look for ways to cut costs and that $2,000-4,000 a month bill from Indeed was a big one. 

“It was huge for us as a department that is basically direct overhead for the company to find a way to save over $24,000 a year.” They figured all software was about the same, so it was worth the switch to save that much money for the company. “We had no idea just how effective it would be at helping us do our jobs better than ever.”
dual-language text messaging

Connect with the Best Applicants First

Before Team Engine, it could take a week or more to connect with an applicant. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to carefully review all the applications let alone reach out to the best fits. Katie would often work late into the night just to get through the stack of resumes.

Now Katie may still work some late evenings but it’s not for resume sorting. Team Engine’s smart hiring assistant automatically filters out applicants that don’t meet Katie’s criteria, so she can spend her time getting to know the best-fit applicants, understanding their career goals, and having quality conversations about how a position with Genz Ryan and Inspiration Design Center can open huge doors of opportunities in their careers and skills. 

And thanks to the personalized, automated messages, Katie now has interviews scheduled within 24 hours of that first interest confirmation text.

“We’re first. The early bird gets the worm. We get the better people that way.” 

Streamlined Process without the Disruption  

It’s Genz Ryan policy to always talk to referrals first. It’s all about company culture fit and building morale. Employees really love working at Genz Ryan, so you know they will only refer people they’d be proud to work with. 

“It was manual before. It was terrible.” It would go out as an email to the whole company asking people to send Katie or Jasmine a name and number. The incentive was huge, but they struggled to get 1 or 2 a month.

Then Katie tried Team Engine’s text messaging referral automation.

“We sent out one text and received 23 qualified referrals in just 24 hours.”

Spend Less Time Hiring and More Time Doing Good

In the first 4 ½ months with Team Engine, Katie saved over 100 hours in resume review alone.

Thanks to the more efficient recruiting process and simplicity of the platform, Katie is able to focus on the Opportunities in the Trades Program that the owner and several within the company have hoped to do for many years. This Genz Ryan program actively recruits those under-represented in the blue-collar industry—such as minorities, military vets, and women—to work in the trades by offering them free training through an in-house apprenticeship program.

Most importantly, it allows Genz Ryan to make a major impact on people who otherwise would have never had the chance. The program not only offers technical training, but their partnership with a local non-profit, Twin Cities Rise, supports the new hires on an emotional level while providing them the soft skills to be excellent employees within the workplace.

61 percent

Reduction in Time-to-Hire

thanks to personalized, hiring automations

100 percent

Interview No-Shows Eliminated

thanks to simple scheduling and text reminders

50 percent

Cost Reduction

while far out-performing previous solutions


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