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About The Harvest Group

The Harvest Group thoroughly analyzes all aspects of their clients business, from operations and sales to employees and finance. They do this by interviewing key managers and owners and finding each departments goals. From there, they create a roadmap to guide them through the next three to five years to help quickly increase profits.


How The Harvest Group can help you

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Help grow your business and become more profitable

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Work with both buyers and sellers to grow companies and prepare them for future sales

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Education Tools & Peer Groups

Join peer groups to meet with other industry leaders and take training courses online with the Harvest Way Academy


How The Harvest Group works with Team Engine

Harvest Group and Team Engine

The Harvest Group and Team Engine work hand in hand to help landscaping businesses grow and sustain profitability. We share the goal of providing the tools needed to attract top tier talent, engage your employee base, and provide the necessary tools needed to grow your business.


What The Harvest Group's clients say

The Harvest Group helped change my life, my family's and our company.

Sullivan Landscaping
Joel Sullivan

When the Scotts and Glen Gate most needed leadership, you were willing to devote time and energy to a company that had neither the leadership or the complex knowledge to profitably operate a company like ours. Your ability to see the big picture, and to know where to start performing the surgery needed to save the "patient". On behalf of the 100 families that depend on the success to Glen Gate we thank you.

Glen Gate Company
Joe Scott

The last two days with you were both amazing and draining. During this process we gave birth to new ideas and renewed excitement about our business. To coin a phrase, you are wicked smart. We look forward to working closely with you in the future.

Baler Landscaping
Julie Baler

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Check out The Harvest Group’s website to learn more about their service.

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