Connecting During COVID-19

The Hiring Engine - COVID-19

These past few weeks have been incredibly tough for everyone, both in America and around the world. Many businesses have negotiated the challenges of a new remote work reality, but the majority of working America doesn’t have that luxury. For the businesses where people aren’t sitting behind desks all day, there’s the important work of keeping your employees—and your customers—safe while operating in a new and drastically changed world. 

Amidst this turmoil, we’ve been particularly proud to watch our customers lead their teams in ways previously unimaginable to ensure they are informed, engaged, and above all, safe:

  • Sending near-daily messages to employees about how to stay safe (and hustling to find them the gear they need like hand sanitizer and masks)
  • Creating new channels of communication so employees can text in concerns and questions amidst a constantly changing situation
  • Coordinating with employees to keep the whole team healthy and making sure sick employees have what they need to stay home
  • Sharing the resources their teams need to get new government benefits and working with them to get everything submitted 

We’re proud to help these companies keep America running and want to extend a helping hand to anyone who can use it. Through the end of June, we are offering new clients free access to our new employee messaging platform, so you can instantly connect with every employee and communicate critical updates when it matters the most. 

We don’t know what’s coming next but we’ll all ultimately emerge stronger, together.

Ed Hallen

CEO and Co-founder, Team Engine